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    The death of a ‘Ndrangheta godfather in 1962 created a power vacuum that sparked a bloody battle for control of Victoria Market, known as the Market Wars.Liborio Benvenuto, a stallholder at the market, emerged as the group’s new leader.
    He would remain in charge until his death in 1988. They predicted that Australian mafiosi would diversify
    and create monopolies in a wide range of businesses, both legitimate and otherwise.The ‘Ndrangheta did just that,
    largely staying beneath the radar as they expanded in the 1970s.

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    corners of her son Evan’s coffin. Her face was an ashen mask of expressionless grief.
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    in every Roman home before the empire’s conversion to Christianity.A few years before this the Asterix, a Gallo
    Roman trading vessel, was found in the mouth of the harbour and these two finds combined to
    show how Guernsey was used as a trading post.Tanya explained that it is
    thought the Romans settled in Guernsey shortly after they conquered what
    is now France, but before they reached England, sometime in the first century BC, and: “Their influence would have been strong for around 300 years.”The idea
    that there was a Roman settlement in St Peter Port was furthered when the
    Town Market building was redeveloped in 2000 and a further series of settlements were found.Though some of the archaeology had been damaged by the
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    of buildings on the site as well as a large amount of pottery
    and various other items such as intaglio gemstones used in jewellery.While St Peter Port appears to
    have been the focus of the Roman’s influence in Guernsey there have been finds all over the island, from briquetage (salt making) around the
    coast to the Castel and Vale Churches, which feature the
    remains of Roman buildings in their walls.Tanya said: “If you walk around the [Castel] church and look closely you can see red tiles built into it in places, particularly near the front entrance, and that’s Roman. We think there was a Roman building on or near the site of the church and bits of it got built into the church later.”Another site away from the heart of St Peter Port where
    Roman items were found was at King’s Road.Phillip De Jersey,
    archaeology officer for Guernsey Museums, said this site was
    probably a burial site from the end of the 2nd Century AD and the finds from the site included a complete Samian dish.Tanya said it was thought the rest of
    the island remained largely agricultural, as it had
    been during the Iron Age, but “the Romans would have put their influence on this with the sort of goods that they had and the style of their buildings”.She added
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